Noor Health Life

Noor Health Life

In Europe, the first ultrasound is done after four months and if anyone wants to know, the sex of the baby is revealed.
At the time of delivery, the husband is with the woman and there are one or two nurses in the room. No medication is given, the woman screams in pain but the nurse tells her to be patient and 99% of deliveries are normal. Neither medicine is given before nor after delivery. No vaccination is given.
A woman is encouraged that her husband is standing next to her and holding her hand. After delivery, the baby’s navel is cut by the husband with scissors and the baby is attached directly to the woman’s body without clothes so that the baby can maintain temperature. The baby is told to breastfeed only and neither the mother nor the baby is given any medicine except for an immunization which is given to the baby immediately after birth. Everything is free from day 1 to delivery and child support payments start immediately after delivery.

In Pakistan, the lady doctor comes for delivery and asks the lady’s family in advance that your daughter’s first pregnancy, her case looks very bad, there is a risk of miscarriage, an operation will have to be delivered. 99% of doctors try to convert normal delivery to operative delivery.
Before and after delivery, medicines are given according to kilograms. At the time of delivery, the husband, far from it, the woman’s mother or sister are not allowed to go inside, and God knows what the doctor and nurse do inside. .
A normal delivery costs 20,000 and a surgical delivery costs 90,000. If the doctor has a bad mind, come to normal. After all, it also has expenses. The children have to go to a good school. They have to buy a new car. What is Islam saying, what is humanity, what is truth, go to hell, only want money. For more information contact Noor Health Life at

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