Breast growth

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Definition of Disease:
In this disease, one or both breasts become bigger against their natural structure and normality.
Enlarged breasts not only hinder a woman’s fitness and beauty and cause unnecessary burden, but they also produce less milk than required.

#Causes_of_disease Sometimes the breasts also increase along with the fatness of the whole body, sometimes the normal physical condition is not so fat, but the increase is due to excess fat, excess mucus, family influences, climate, too much rest and comfort, or excess blood circulation. They appear and sometimes chronic or unusual bruising also increases the blood flow and enlarges the breasts

#Symptoms Normal against the breast appears very enlarged and drooping

Due to abnormal pressure on the milk ducts, the milk decreases. And if the blood circulation is the cause of excess of this disease, the nipples will look red.
And the breasts are abnormally white in abundance of mucus

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