Noor Health Life foundation

Noor Health Life

may peace be upon you . I hope from Allah Almighty that you will all be well. Noor Health Life has always helped the poor and insha’Allah will continue to help in the same way. Allah Almighty said that whoever helped the poor, I will help him. Thank God that Noor Health Life God knows Noor Health Life has not done the job of taking a picture or making a video while helping a poor person. And now I want to tell you all that Noor Health Life has always helped and will continue to help poor patients. You have started another program that will also provide rations to help poor families. God will know that now that inflation has come, everything has gone away from the tail of the poor, so the Noor Health Life Foundation will also reach out to the poor because rations are loaded in the homes of the poor, so as human beings we all Should do their part in this good deed do not know which of our deeds is pleasing to God so as human beings we request all of you to support Noor Health Zindagi Foundation in this good work and who contributed in this good work If you want to donate, you can contact Noor Health Life Foundation on WhatsApp number +923343207020 and insha’Allah your trust will be wiped out to the poor in the form of rations and insha’Allah Allah will help you and I pray May Allah Almighty help you all and may Allah Almighty grant you many happiness. Amen and Amen or the Lord of the worlds.

Noor Health Life

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