Learn the secret of healthy nails.

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You will also find dozens of people in your life who make different predictions about the future or marital life by looking at their hands (for example, when will you get married, when will you go abroad, etc.). However, it is not possible to say with certainty whether this is true or false. However, it can be said with certainty about your nails that they can definitely reveal the secrets of your health because according to the opinion of medical experts, “Nails refer to human physical health. The hallmark of healthy nails is that they are smooth and uniform in color. If the color or texture of your nails indicates irregularities, then understand that it may also be related to your physical weaknesses or diseases. Let us know what more medical experts have to say about this.

Dull or yellow nails

Excessive yellowing or yellowing of the color of the nails indicates a serious or dangerous disease. For example

  • Anemia or anemia. It is a disease in which people suffer from a deficiency of hemoglobin or red blood cells.
  • Congestive heart failure. It occurs when the heart does not get enough blood.
  • Liver diseases Malnutrition (e.g. not getting a balanced diet) However, one of the reasons for the yellow color of nails in women is the use of too much nail polish. Deep edges of nails and white color If the edges of your nails are dark and the color is too white, then this color of the nails indicates liver problems such as hepatitis. Hepatitis is commonly called hepatitis, which is caused by a viral infection. Medical experts divide hepatitis into three types A, B and C. Yellow nails Sudden yellowing of the color of the nails indicates a fungal infection. This infection is caused by different bacteria that invade different parts of the human body. Due to this infection, the nails become very thick and full and break easily. Unusual yellowing of the nails indicates a severe type of thyroid disease, such as pneumonia, diabetes, and psoriasis. Flowers and curved nails If the skin around your nails is swollen and red, it indicates inflammation in the nails. On the other hand, it can also be the result of tissue damage. Some kind of infection in the tissues causes redness of the skin around the nails and it causes inflammation. The blue color of the nails If the color of your nails is rapidly turning blue, then this color may be hiding many reasons inside you.
  • The blue color of the nails indicates insufficient amount of oxygen.
  • Blue colored nails are associated with lung diseases such as emphysema (a condition in which the airways in the lungs become abnormally or abnormally wide).
  • Different types of heart diseases are also associated with the blue color of the nails. Dark streaks under the nails If you have black lines on the underside of your nails, you need to see a medical professional immediately as this is one of the symptoms of skin cancer. Surface rough nails If the surface of your nails is rough or rough, it may be an early sign of diseases such as arthritis and psoriasis. The inner surface of these nails is usually reddish brown. Abnormal breakage of nails It is common for nails to break in the event of an injury or rapid opening of an object. However, if your nails break abnormally, it could be a sign of a serious illness like Thai Ryde. If the color of the broken nails is yellow from the edge, then this color also indicates fungal infection (fungus). Contact Noor Health Life for more information. Email noormedlife@gmail.com and WhatsApp number +923343207020

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