Why are hair white? Reasons and measures

Noor Health Life

Why are hair white? Reasons and measures
Gray hair also grows at a young age. Gray hair is such that one of the three layers of hair, the second and third layers, the cortex, contains a substance that gives the hair its distinctive color as it ages. The process of degeneration is affected and the formation of pigmented matter stops. There are many reasons that affect the process of premature pigmentation. Stress. Hereditary hair also turns white quickly. Chemical dining used by people nowadays also harms the health of hair. Its constant use makes hair dry, weak and white quickly.
For white hair, eating a single dose of maraba amla daily for two to three months usually stops the growth of white hair.
Experienced and cheap recipe for darkening hair. All you need to die is lemon juice, amla powder and clean water.
A number of lemons
Four tablespoons of amla powder
Two tablespoons of water
Make a paste by mixing all these things in a pot and leave it for about an hour. After one hour apply this paste on the hair and leave it on for twenty to twenty five minutes then wash your head with soap or Do not use shampoo. When washing your hair, make sure that your eyes are safe. Use this paste every four days on the day you use the paste. Do not shampoo on that day. Contact Noor Health Life for more information. noormedlife@gmail.com

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