What is addiction? Why is there a hangover?

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Urdu Poetry is full of metaphors, parables and similes related to intoxication, intoxication, servitude, drunkenness and drunkenness. But the question is, what is intoxication and why?

Alcohol and other drugs cause a person to lose weight and feel like the wind is blowing them away. He puts his foot somewhere and his foot falls somewhere else. Excessive use of alcohol and other drugs can cause you to become unconscious or vomit. The level of intoxication or addiction may vary, but what are the underlying causes of this process?

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Alcohol or drugs actually affect human mood, thinking process and other functions and the scientific reason is that their use targets the human central nervous system. These are the threads through which the rhythm between your brain and body is maintained. If this thread loosens a little, then the whole body feels out of hand.

According to Noor Health Life, alcohol reaches your brain within just 30 seconds of the first sip. Its first goal is to slow down the release of this chemical in the brain, which is linked to the movement of signals between brain cells. That’s why the use of alcohol slows down your movements and you can’t think like normal. The important thing is that you don’t even remember this difficult moment later.

Alcohol reaches the brain within 30 seconds of the first sip of alcohol

If alcohol is used continuously and for a long period of time, then the brain cells begin to change their shape, even decreasing in size. Simply put, long-term use of alcohol shrinks your brain.

Functions depend on quantity

The amount of alcohol determines how much the system is affected. That is, if the quantity is less then there is a camp of peace, comfort and cheapness and if the quantity is used more then the tongue starts to stagger, there is difficulty in walking and even vomiting may occur. Used in even greater amounts, it can cause shortness of breath, coma and even death.

Scientifically, alcoholism begins after two or three drinks.

Legally, blood alcohol concentration is measured by the concentration of alcohol in the blood. If the level in the blood is five point four to seventeen point four mmol per liter, such a person is considered ‘intoxicated’.

The average human liver can handle one drink per hour, but it also depends on age, physical condition and other factors. Short-term effects of alcohol include loss of concentration, impaired coordination, loss of judgment, loss of vision, and vomiting. But the long-term disadvantages of alcohol use are that it can lead to fluctuations in heart rate, including memory impairment, learning disabilities, liver disease, throat, mouth, liver cancer, hypertension, heart disease and stroke. Such as related matters.

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Effects of alcohol on the body

Consecutive and excessive consumption of alcohol is most harmful to the liver. Consecutive and excessive consumption of alcohol causes inflammation in the liver and causes permanent scarring. It can also lead to serious illnesses such as alcoholic hepatitis, fibrosis, and cirrhosis.

Alcohol is also extremely dangerous for the digestive system because its use increases the amount of acid in the stomach, which can cause ulcers. Alcohol use can also affect the body’s ability to absorb nutrients. At the same time, alcohol causes the pancreas to produce dangerous substances that can cause inflammation in the pancreas. Alcohol can also affect the body’s blood sugar control system.

Vitamin B1 deficiency in the body is not linked to alcohol consumption. This can lead to changes in sleep patterns, confusion, loss of learning ability and poor memory. Scientific research also shows that excessive consumption of alcohol can slow down the growth of new cells in the brain.

Why do young people become addicted to alcohol?

Adolescents are more likely to become addicted to alcohol or other drugs because alcohol is a way for them to escape from various forms of stress. Anger, helplessness and shock can also lead to a young person becoming addicted to drugs. In the same way, occasions like celebration, sitting together, having fun, etc. are also associated with surrendering oneself to drugs. However, the dangers associated with them, and especially the psychological problems, are very serious.

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