Know the dangers of eating meat before you eat it.

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Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about meat.

Although the nutrients in meat are essential for the body, experts say that these ingredients can also be obtained from other alternative foods such as fish, eggs or dried fruits.

According to experts, it is important to know about the dangerous harms of meat before making it an integral part of one’s diet.

Artificial growth

Nowadays, even animals are not safe from large-scale adulteration of foods.

The source of meat supply is various injections and medicines given to different animals such as cows, goats and chickens etc. to make them look healthy and grow them quickly.

These drugs are inevitably added to the meat of animals and become part of our diet, which can lead to various types of cancer, heart disease and stroke.

Similarly, in the poultry industry, chickens are hatched from eggs through artificial heat or incubators, which allow them to hatch and hatch prematurely.

According to experts, chickens and hens born from this method are also sick and their meat is very harmful to human health.

Be careful when buying chickens

Whenever you go to buy a hen, be especially careful not to buy a hen that looks fat, if it looks sluggish, or if its claws appear to be trembling due to weakness while standing, because it is a thing of the past.  The sign is that the chicken has been artificially fattened by drugs and injections.

Natural meat is also harmful

In addition to the above-mentioned dangers, clean and natural meat is also harmful to human health.  Excessive consumption of red meat (beef, goat meat) can lead to many diseases.

The possibility of cancer

Various studies on meat have repeatedly confirmed that eating too much meat can inevitably lead to cancer.

According to research, people who eat meat 3 or more times a week are twice as likely to get various cancers, including breast cancer.

According to experts, the hormones in meat increase the potency of these hormones in our body which help in the growth of different types of cancer or tumor cells.

Blood flow obstruction

Red meat hardens the blood vessels, causing blockage in the bloodstream.  This process can lead to stroke, heart attack or rupture of a cerebral artery.

Life span is short

According to a study conducted by Noor Health Life, people who eat meat regularly have shorter life span than those who consume less meat.

Increased mental illness

Because meat is high in iron, an excess of iron increases your risk of various mental illnesses, especially Alzheimer’s.

Difficult to digest

Our digestive system has to work harder to digest the hard fibers of meat which can lead to digestive problems.  It can also cause heartburn and heaviness in the chest and stomach.

Cause of heart disease

Eating meat causes the arteries to harden and the blood to thicken, forcing the heart to pump more blood, which puts pressure on it.  This can lead to a variety of heart diseases, including a sudden heart attack.

Food poisoning

Vegetables can never cause food poisoning to anyone.  In contrast, improperly cleaned meat or a few days old meat dish can cause immediate food poisoning.

Weight gain

It is impossible to maintain normal weight by eating meat 2 to 3 times a week.  Meat can also thwart all your efforts to lose weight.

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