If a dog bites, don’t bite it again, get vaccinated.

Noor Health Life

  In two days, a child from Shikarpur died in Larkana due to lack of anti-rabies vaccine.  Suffering from rabies.

  It is up to the committees of inquiry to determine what was done in this particular treatment and who was actually condemned, but the fact is that a common man should know that in this case he should act immediately.  Basic information

  Remember that there is no relationship with any person but you do not see any situation, this is a serious incident and the slightest negligence in it causes death.

  Immediate measures to be taken

  If someone is bitten

  The wound should be treated immediately, with only scratches on the skin or tearing of the flesh from the teeth.  I am treating them for minor scratches but if the dog bites then it is successful at home then it is necessary to consult a doctor.

  Why is it important to wash the wound?

  Wash the affected area with a lot of soap and lukewarm water for several minutes.  If someone uses soap for this, it is better if there is antiseptic soap.

  Stop bleeding

  It is very important to stop the flow of blood from any animal or in any case from injury, otherwise there is a risk of death due to excessive bleeding.  For bleeding, press the wound with a clean towel or luggage and hold for a while.  After the blood flow has stopped, apply antibiotic ointment and bandage.

  If there is no blood flow, then any person needs immediate medical attention, for which the local health center or hospital has been contacted.

  Injury analysis

  It is very important to keep an eye on other symptoms of the vaccine during first aid and wound healing after the operation.  ۔  Increased pain, swelling, feeling of redness or warmth around the wound, discharge of pus and pus.

  What is rabies?

  Rabies is a virus that transmits to humans from domesticated and wild animals, especially humans, and destroys the central nervous system. If left untreated, the brain stops working and the individual dies.  In addition to dogs, it is transmitted to humans by monkeys, cats, foxes, foxes and bats.  It is a contagious disease and can spread to other people through contact with a rabies patient.


  Early symptoms of the disease include Bukhara and the animal’s preoccupation with the Sanhat, and subsequent violent activity, signs of control, fear of water, body-shaking disease, incontinence, and loss of consciousness.  Or have multiple symptoms

  Once symptoms appear, rabies can be difficult to treat.  However, this time period varies from one week to more than one year.

  Anti-rabies vaccine

  If in the case of a person a person knows that it is extremely important in any case, then it is not the case that just when a person is personally convinced that he has been bitten, this vaccination  And especially.  He has been vaccinated against rabies. In countries like Pakistan where stray dogs are prevalent, the patient is not at risk of not being vaccinated against rabies.

  The sooner the first shot of the vaccine is in front of the animal, the sooner the patient wants to be infected, the more the patient has to go, the more dangerous he is.  Determining the amount of vaccine and the number of shots the doctor decides to eliminate the patient’s body size and weight, so the vaccine is equivalent to being administered by an authorized body.

  Remember that the rabies vaccine is a symptom of the disease. It is necessary to pre-diagnose that the virus affects the brain.

  It is difficult to avoid, very few people in the world get vaccinated after the symptoms appear and they survive.

  If the patient does not feel the tetanus injection at the cost of the previous year, the reason is that there is a risk and the fifth pass is that the patient must be injected with tetanus along with the anti-rabies vaccine.

  In it the poorest, most people or those involved in their responsibilities put themselves to the rescue, a person whose life is with him goes to the brink of death.  Her family did not take her seriously.

  On the other hand, the doctors of the hospital also wanted that when there is no patient from the patient, then of course he should not be injured, who came for the treatment of the patient and the patient after carrying out the usual procedure.  It is up to the survivors to fully understand how much this method provides and to contribute to its efforts.

  remember!  Timely vaccination against the last rabies is essential to save a human life, its price must be paid on time at the behest of every person. For more information contact Noor Health Life.

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