Causes of bone, joint, muscle problems.

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  The fact is that even people over the age of 70, if they are healthy, do not have to suffer.
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  Unfortunately, there is a growing perception in our society that after the age of 40, bone and joint diseases, including back pain, are a necessity of life and no treatment is required to get rid of these ailments.  Not at all

  This is the reason why a large number of people are suffering from bone and muscle pain as a requirement of age, while the fact is that even people in their 70s, if they are healthy, do not have to suffer from these pains at all.

  There are 360 ​​bones in the human body, with the help of which it is possible to move as desired.  Understand that just as in the construction of any building, cervix is ​​its foundation, so these bones also perform cervical function in our body.  Even bones and joints play a key role in standing up straight.

  Poor diet, not exercising regularly, not caring for weight in proportion to height, over consumption of farm poultry, eggs and meat instead of fruits and vegetables due to increasing rates of bone disorders  Etc.

  It has been observed that most patients with knee and back pain become obese due to not exercising regularly.  Remember, overeating and overeating can lead to not only obesity, but also bone and joint pain.

  Vitamin D plays an important role in maintaining bone health, which is essential for people of all ages.  Most patients who are not obese and are not accustomed to overeating or eating unhealthily are more likely to suffer from vitamin D deficiency.

  Many people also suffer from vitamin D deficiency due to not going out in the sun during the day and spending most of their time in air-conditioned or closed rooms. Now the question arises that to keep the bones healthy and strong  From what sources can vitamin D be obtained, then the presence of vitamin D in substandard food cannot be imagined anyway, however nature has placed this feature in the sunlight, which naturally produces vitamin D.  ۔

  When sunlight hits the skin, the ultraviolet rays in it stimulate the production of vitamin D in the skin.  Calcium is also very important for bones.

  Remember that our body cannot make calcium on its own, so this deficiency can only be met by a balanced diet.  Because if the amount of calcium in the body is not enough, then the deficiency is completed by the bones, as a result of which the bones start to become less strong. Also, one of the reasons for the increase in bone diseases is vitamin D and calcium.  In addition to the lack of alcohol, there is also excessive consumption of soft drinks.

  Excessive use of mobile phones, computers, laptops, tablets and TV screens in the modern, advanced age is also becoming a major cause of bone, joint and muscle diseases, as many hours of sitting in front of them for bones, joints.  And the muscles get affected. The use of these items cannot be stopped, but the lifestyle can be changed.

  In addition, environmental pollution is also a cause of bone and muscle diseases.  Most people develop osteoporosis after the age of 40, so after 40 years, with regular checkups by a physician, his instructions should be strictly followed.  Patients with bone, joint, and muscle problems should keep in mind that tobacco, alcohol, and caffeine use can exacerbate the disease, so stop or reduce their use immediately.  Excessive consumption of salt, coffee and tea is also harmful to bones and joints, as they contain caffeine and other unhealthy ingredients.

  Instead, use milk, yogurt, cheese and dairy products, but also avoid high-sugar products and high-fat foods.  The most important way to keep bones strong and healthy is to make lifestyle changes, exercise regularly and eat a balanced diet.

  Also, use foods that nourish the bones.  The use of milk, yogurt, apples, tomatoes, seasonal fruits, vegetables and dried fruits especially figs, raisins etc. is useful in this regard.  For more information, contact Noor Health Life on WhatsApp and email.

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