8 signs of inflammation in the urethra.

Noor Health Life

Inflammation of the urethra is a very painful disease which many people are hesitant to talk about.  Already recognizable? Noor Health Life says that the symptoms of this inflammation are obvious but most people ignore them. However, if you want to identify urinary tract disease, you must remember these symptoms.
Urge to urinate all the time
This is a common symptom of UTI in which you feel like urinating all the time, even if you have just come through the washroom, you may feel an emergency in this regard ie go immediately.  Is necessary etc.
Very little urination
When you go to the washroom, you rarely urinate, you feel like you have to do more but you can’t do it despite your efforts or you are not satisfied.
Feeling irritated
Going to the washroom during this illness can make you feel irritated, you may feel that this work is very painful, in addition there may be pain, in both cases it is a sign of the disorder.
UTIs often cause blood in the urine, but not necessarily in everyone, as it can be blurred vision.
Urinary odor is very bad as a result of any type of bladder infection. If you also experience any of the above symptoms with bad breath, it may be a UTI.  Refer and get tested according to his instructions.
Urine color
The color of the urine can tell a lot, including a urinary tract infection.  If this color is anything other than yellow or transparent, it is a sign of concern.  Red or brown is a sign of infection, but first check that you have not eaten any food that is pink, orange or red in color.
Extreme fatigue
Inflammation of the urinary tract is actually caused by an infection of the bladder. In any case, as a result of the infection, when the body realizes that something is wrong, it starts to swell. With protective measures, those white blood cells  Excludes, resulting in a feeling of fatigue.
Frequent fever, among other symptoms, indicates an increase in the severity of inflammation in the urethra and the spread of the infection to the kidneys.  If you have a fever of more than 101 Fahrenheit or feel cold or your body gets drenched in sweat while sleeping at night, you should seek medical help immediately.
This color of nails is a sign of danger

Did you know that fingernails can tell you a lot about your health? Yes, it may be hard to believe, but doctors can tell you a lot about your health by looking at your nails.  If it is colored, it is a sign that a doctor should be consulted immediately.
A study conducted in India found that if the color of the lower part of the nails is white and the color of the upper part is brown or brown, then it is a sign of kidney disease.  Who was suffering from kidney disease.
The researchers found that 36% of such patients had white and brown fingernails, also known as half and half nails.
According to research, the possible cause of such color of nails is the accumulation of certain hormones and anemia which are common in kidney diseases. If you see nails in two colors, consult a doctor immediately, especially  If the itching in the body increases, the taste in the mouth changes or the urine becomes more or less. For more information, you can email and WhatsApp with Noor Health Life.  noormedlife@gmail.com

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