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Other reasons-

Complications –

Steps to prevent headlines –

Home Remedies –

Coconut oil-



Optional measures-

Without eyes we are deprived of seeing any beautiful thing in the world. The importance of this can be appreciated by those who are deprived of this blessing. Eyes are a gift from Allah which they can use.  We do everything. Therefore, their protection and care is just as important. Because it is a very delicate part of our face.

There are many eye infections that we can suffer from. One of them is eye redness in which our eyes become red. What should we do in this infection and what are the possible symptoms and causes?  Read this blog with me for

Causes of red eyes-

The following are the causes of our eyes getting these infections:

Redness of the eyes occurs when there is swelling or itching in the eyes. It is also called bloodshot.


Eyes are red for various reasons




Cold & Flue-

Bacterial viral infections-


Austrian or cough can be a specific cause, but the infection usually goes away in 7 or 10 days without any pain.


The most serious cause of redness of the eyes is an eye infection. The infection can occur in any part of the eye. In this case, pain, itching and other changes in vision may occur.  We must protect and care if we feel that way.

The infections that can cause redness of the eye are as follows;

Inflammation called blepharitis

Inflammation of the membrane, called conjunctivitis or redness of the eye.


UVites –

Other reasons-


Pressure on the eye which also causes pain, which is called glaucoma.

Itching or use of contact lenses called corneal itching.

Inflammation of the white part of the eye-

Complications –

Most of the causes of eye redness do not cause serious complications. If you are affected by this infection, your eyesight is affected or your vision is changing, then you may have problems in doing any work.  This includes cooking, working on a laptop and driving. If your eye redness does not go away in a few days then you need to see a doctor.

Steps to prevent headlines –

We can protect our eyes from infection by following the principles of proper hygiene.

If you are in front of a person who has this infection, wash your hands after meeting him.

Don’t put make-up on your eyes.

Avoid contact lenses.

If you use lenses, clean them.

Avoid activities that cause Austrian.

Don’t use things that cause itching.

If you have dust or dirt in your eye and you do not have eye wash, wash your eyes immediately with water.

Home Remedies –

We can protect our eyes in different ways to keep them healthy. We can take care of them with the help of things in the house. Here are some ways on how we can eradicate this infection.

Coconut oil-

There are many benefits of this oil which can be obtained from it. It contains anti-inflammatory and moisturizing agents which eliminate eye itching. Apply it in your eye and absorb it.  Will get rest


Most of the time we have seen that for cooling of the eyes, even in parlors, a piece of cucumber is placed over the eye. It contains Vitamin A which is useful for eye light.  Apply on your eye. It will also reduce itching.


It is also good for our overall health. It contains vitamins. It contains vitamins B, A and D. It is important for eliminating dry eyes. Therefore, we should use it daily.

Optional measures-

The sun’s ultraviolet rays are very harmful to us. So when you go out, you must wear glasses.

Don’t use anyone’s used lenses.

Don’t use iDarp while using anyone else.

Do not bring your hands close to your eyes.

We can protect our eyes with the help of these few methods. But your eyes stay red for more days. For more information you can contact Noor Health Life with email and WhatsApp.

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