Winter weather and precautions.

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  Welcome to Winter Winter has begun, the Almighty has created colorful seasons for the growth and flourishing of life in this world, the best season for digestion of food and for health and well-being,  It’s winter –
Noor Health Life has been saying over and over again that you should help the poor. When you help a poor person, may Allah be your helper and take special care of your children in winter.  read more.
  Winter begins in December and lasts until February.  These months are usually very cold.  If care is taken to prevent cold then cold is a blessing and if carelessness is taken then winter becomes a nuisance.  The immune system is affected. The first gift of winter carelessness is influenza or epidemic flu.  Fat builds up and keeps the body warm and strong, just as the body’s internal workings continue to be repaired and repaired, so does our body’s immune system.  It should be better to take the following measures to prevent diseases in this season.


  Bathing is done many times in summer but in winter some people are very careful about bathing. People whose health cannot withstand the harsh weather do not bathe for weeks or even months. Fear of severe cold and pneumonia but more.  Bathing during the day is also harmful to health. It is advisable to take a bath with lukewarm water once a day.  Bathing speeds up the blood circulation and makes the body happy.


  With the onset of winter, the use of warm clothes gradually begins. In this season, cold and strong winds blow, so everyone should use warm clothes according to their health and condition.  Take special care to save. After Fajr prayers, make light exercise routine in loose-fitting clothes.


  Cold weather in winter closes the pores of the body which does not cause sweating, which is why more nutritious food is used to maintain body temperature.  Hot items should be used sparingly.  Dried fruits like almonds, pistachios, chickpeas, peanuts, walnuts, cashews provide body heat. Appetite increases in this season, so heavy items are digested quickly. This season is very suitable in terms of good food and happy clothes.  So use a good diet as much as possible.


  Don’t go out unnecessarily in the morning and evening cold.  The nights are cold and long so do not sleep in the open or in a completely closed room, but the windows and skylights should always be open. Always keep your feet warm as the physical condition of the feet greatly affects the human body.  The skin is more affected, the other limbs are wrapped in clothes, socks, and shoes, but the face is more affected by being open.  The skin of the face becomes dry and cracked, so if it causes scars on the face, then wash the face with lukewarm water and face wash. Use less soap. It is useful to use glycerin and rose water at night.  Before going to bed, mix lemon and glycerin in rose water and apply it on your hands, feet and face. Wash your face in the morning. Your face will glow.  This procedure can be done 3 to 4 times a day but reduce the use of soap as it reduces the natural oiliness of the skin.

  Steel deficiency:

  In winter, the fingers and toes of the hands and feet are often as cold as ice. When they are paralyzed, they do not work properly. A common cause of this is actually iron deficiency in the blood.  It does not absorb enough oxygen which does not generate heat in the body. To get natural steel, finely chop 100 grams of fresh greens. Cook in a frying pan with low oil.  And finely chop the green chillies, peel it with bread. This cooked vegetable greens quickly make up for the lack of iron in the body. Similarly, regular consumption of dried apricots also increases the level of iron in the blood.

  Chicken Soup:

  From ancient times the chicken broth is thought to be useful in colds and flu. It is useful in inflammation of the nose and throat. The white blood cells of the body act like soldiers.  This soup has the property that it helps these white blood cells. Research has also shown this.

  Care Is better than cure:

  There are 1200 types of viruses that cause colds and flu. They are spread by coughing or sneezing of an infected person, so wash your hands.  Stay at least five yards away from a person with the common cold or you could be infected, the most common American citizen in the world.


  Colds and coughs are a common winter illness. Care must be taken to prevent them. Many people believe that the cure and prevention of colds and flu is hidden in the daily diet. Fruits, vegetables, garlic, vinegar,  Turmeric and pepper etc. All these foods strengthen the body’s immune system. Gargling with salt water is good for sore throat. Honey has been used since ancient times. It is useful in cough.

  Vitamin C:

  Sunshine is the best treatment for colds and flu. Turmeric is the only herb that stimulates the body’s immune system in all seasons but its constant use is not beneficial. If you are sick, rest. Don’t use too much caffeine.

  You add a little ginger and cinnamon in the tea. Use it in the morning and evening. In winter, cough usually lasts longer. For this, you add a pinch of crushed black pepper in a teaspoon of honey, add a cup of boiling water, salt to taste and  Eat honey mixture first then drink water mixed with salt like tea, you will feel better only after using it 3 or 4 times.

  Eat a balanced diet and stay healthy:

  How you live your life and what foods you eat have an effect on your immune system, and these are the things that make it strong and weak. Vitamin C plays an important role for winter.  Is the source.  Nature is kind in Pakistan. At the beginning of winter, it gives us abundant fruits like canoe, fruit, grapefruit and lemon. By taking some simple steps, we can also improve our defense system, ie if you have any disease.  Even then you will not feel sick or weak and this will be due to your strong defense system. Use them with balance and moderation to cope with winter and welcome winter warmly – More questions and answers  You can get WhatsApp and email with Noor Health Life to get it.

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