10 diseases that can be predicted by hand.

Noor Health Life

   The symptoms of many diseases can be estimated with the hands.

   From finger length to grip strength, our hands predict a variety of medical hazards.

   But do you know to what extent some of the common things in our hands indicate health hazards?

   Here are some of the symptoms that appear in our hands according to medical science.

   Finger length: Risk of joint pain

   If women’s third finger is longer than the index finger, which is common in men, they are twice as likely to suffer from knee pain.  One possible reason is low levels of the hormone estrogen, according to a study published in the medical journal Arthritis and Rheumatism.

   Shaking hands: Symptoms of Parkinson’s disease

   Shaking hands can sometimes be the result of excessive caffeine use or side effects of certain medications.  But if it is in one hand, it is better to see a doctor immediately.  One hand tremor may be the first sign of Parkinson’s disease.

   Nail color: kidney disease

   One study looked at 100 patients with serious kidney disease and found that 36% had fingernails of two colors (the lower part of the nails was white and the upper brown).  Possible causes of this condition of the nails may be an increase in certain hormones and severe anemia, both of which are part of kidney disease.  If you notice two colors on your nails or they turn black, consult a doctor immediately as darker colors can also be a sign of skin cancer.

   Grip strength: Heart health

   A weak grip can be a predictor of a heart attack or stroke and a lower chance of avoiding it.  A study of residents of 17 countries found that the strength of the grip could better predict premature death than blood pressure.  According to researchers, grip strength can be used to assess overall muscle strength and fitness and to suggest physical activity to prevent heart disease.

   Fingerprints: High blood pressure

  The Noor Health Life study found that people with one or more of their fingers with circular fingerprints could be at risk for high blood pressure.  The more circular the fingers, the higher the blood pressure.

   Sweating in the hands: Excessive sweating

   Excessive sweating on the hands can lead to thyroid disease as well as excessive sweating, in which the sweat glands become more active.  Most people experience this problem in one or two parts of the body such as the armpits, palms or feet.  Doctors can examine it and prescribe treatment.

   Yellow hands: anemia.

   There are different types of anemia or anemia such as severe or chronic anemia etc. However, whatever the type of anemia, the amount of healthy blood cells in the affected person’s body is not enough to supply oxygen.  Be able to deliver.  That is why the most common symptom of this disease is the appearance of pallor in the skin, especially the yellowing of the skin of the hands and nails.

  Diseases of the lungs

   Club Nail or Finger refers to the softening of the base of the nails while the skin around the nails becomes shiny, similarly the nails turn more than usual while the tips of the fingers become larger than before, this is usually a sign of the lungs.  Indicates disease because fingers or nails suffer from lack of oxygen.  By the way, this symptom can also be a sign of blood vessel diseases, liver diseases.

  Isn’t this nail structure a sign of cancer?

  Liver diseases

   Red spots on the skin can be a sign of many diseases, but it is usually the most common symptom of liver disease.  Some people with this condition of the hands experience excessive warmth on the palms, which may indicate liver damage. Pain in the joints of the fingers – Causes and treatment

  Experts note the fact that many diseases are “minor” today.  The way, just negative for the elderly, young people are increasingly affected.  Therefore, a large number of women suffer from joint diseases, and many complaints to doctors are pain in the joints of the fingers.  Come on, because the fingers can damage the finger joints of the fingers, and require such treatment.

  Why do finger joints hurt?

  Pain in the joints of the fingers can be caused by traumatic factors: pulling or tingling, compensation, fracture, etc.  In such cases, as a rule, the reason is obvious.  Transient pain is sometimes associated with irrational or prolonged physical augmentation, the presence of hands in an uncomfortable position.  Often pain in the joints of the fingers, such as in other joints of the body, can be caused by calcium deficiency, excess hormone relaxation, nerve twitching in women during seizures.

  But if the pain in the joints of the fingers is concerned for a long time without any obvious reasons, it can be linked to serious diseases.  Consider the key ones:

  Osteoarthritis is a disease that can be caused by metabolic disorders in the body, hands, business load on genetic factors.  In this case, there is a deformity of the non-toxic joints, in which specific mental nodules form on the fingers.

  Rheumatoid arthritis is a degenerative autoimmune disease that affects various joints in the body, and often begins with the fingers and toes.  In this case, with inflammatory damage, dermatitis and greed above the joints, which gradually thicken, deform.  In this case, the pain at night and in the morning is often painful.

  GATE is a disease caused by metabolic disorders in which crystals of uric acid salts accumulate inside the joints.  Hand and foot joints can be affected.  When gouty pain is very severe, burns, skin ripples over the joints, rapid restriction of movement.

  Resuscitation is a possible cause if the joints of the thumb, in which the radiation joint is attached to the metatarsal bone with injury.  This math is associated with physical overload of the thumb and is a frequent condition of osteoarthritis.

  Mineral ligninitis (“snapping finger”) is a disease associated with inflammatory damage of the tendons, which are responsible for the extension of the elastic finger thickness.  This may be due to the fact that the finger joints have to be squeezed and there is a click when they disappear.

  The agrarian nexus is guided by the joints, which often give rise to those in their skin who are already the skin of the Poororians.  The disease can affect any finger, causing pain, soreness, inflammation and cramps in all joints.

  Bursitis is inflammation of the joints of the fingers, with the accumulation of fluid in their cavity.  Wounds, burdens on the fingers, penetration of infection can cause a math.  In this case the formation of painful swelling in the affected joint, greed area is characteristic.

  Treatment of joint pain

  Unfairly it is impossible to say what is needed to eliminate painful joints.  Treatment largely depends on why the joints on the fingers of one hand are injured, whether it is the result of trauma or an illness.  Therefore, a doctor should be consulted and examined for the appointment of appropriate therapy.

  In most cases, with this symptom, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, chondroprotectors, antibiotics, paint drills, hormones are prescribed.  Massage, physiotherapy procedures, finger exercises also need to be carried out.  At least patients require surgical intervention.  It is not recommended to treat it independently, as it is known that the joints of the fingers are affected by pain.  You can email and WhatsApp with Noor Health Life to get more questions and answers.  noormedlife@gmail.com

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