White spots on the skin can be harmless or even dangerous.

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  At different stages of life, our skin, especially the skin of the face, undergoes many changes, as a result of which sometimes nails, pimples cause discomfort, sometimes spots, which sometimes heal on their own or after treatment.  However, the two types of blemishes on the skin require special attention.  The first is the black spots that appear in the form of butterflies on any part of the face due to burns, cuts, any disease or pregnancy, severe anemia or the effects of drugs, if they are noticed in time.  If the ultimate straightforward recipes are not used and the doctor’s instructions are followed, these spots will disappear or fade.

  However, if a white spot appears on any part of the body such as face, neck, shoulders, chest, back or thighs, it is a cause for concern, which should not be ignored.  These white spots are divided into four types.  The first type consists of tiny white, light brown shades, which are harmless and treatable.  They are caused by a small fungus, which causes blemishes on the surface of the skin.  The surface of these spots is slightly swollen and usually disappears with a slight friction.  These spots are more pronounced in summer and fade in winter.  Sometimes they become noticeable with excessive sweating, but become slightly lighter after taking a bath.  For those with a darker complexion, these white spots appear on the skin from a distance, but for those with a fair complexion, they tend to be pink.

  By the way, these spots do not cause itching, but in some cases itching is also reported.  If one person in the house becomes a victim of these white spots, other people can also be affected.  Therefore, it is better for the patient to follow the precautionary measures along with the treatment.  For example, set aside items you use such as towels, handkerchiefs, clothes, etc.

  The second type includes round, white spots appearing on the faces of infants, which have rough surface.  Sometimes it feels as if the skin has dried up and turned white, they do not itch.  The common misconception about these white spots is that they are caused by a lack of calcium, but there are many other causes of these spots, the most important of which is poor health of children, even if they are exposed to the sun.  Faces can also be affected by these spots.  Also, in some cases stomach worms cause them.  These spots also appear on the forehead, cheeks, chin and occasionally on the neck, but they are not contagious and disappear on their own without treatment.

  The third type includes leprosy spots, a contagious disease caused by a bacterium called M. leprosy.  The disease usually affects the skin and nerves.  It has four stages.  In the first stage, a white circle appears on the patient’s body, especially on the cheeks, arms, thighs and buttocks.  And it feels numb.  This is a very important symptom of the disease, since the disease is at an early stage at this stage, if the correct diagnosis and treatment is provided immediately, then the disease can be controlled.  In case of delay, the disease can spread rapidly and become incurable.

  The fourth type includes leprosy.  This disease is not contagious.  Initially, a semi-white spot appears on any part of the body and if there is any hair between these spots, it also turns white.  If these spots are on the scalp, the hair follicles will turn white.

  In some cases, the spots remain the same for years, and in some people they spread so fast that the whole body becomes covered with white spots.  Patients with diarrhea cannot tolerate the intensity of the sun, in addition they do not have any discomfort and overall they stay healthy.

  There are also some white spots that we invite.  These blemishes are usually due to the beauty of the face, such as a large number of women and girls, if they repeatedly use bleach cream to whiten the complexion, as a result their natural skin is affected.  ۔

  Also, in case of allergies, itching and burning spots can occur. Similarly, the use of chemical henna can also cause blemishes on the skin.  However, whether the spots are black or white, they should not be ignored and instead of self-treatment, immediately get a complete treatment by contacting a dermatologist. Why do these white spots appear on the body?

  You have often seen people with noticeable white spots on their skin, but why does this happen and how is it possible to avoid it?

  This disease or ailment is of great concern to the people, which is also quite significant.
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  It is commonly believed that this disease, called bursa, is a reaction to drinking milk after eating fish, but medical science denies this.

  In fact, it occurs when the cells that give the skin its natural color stop producing certain pigments.
  6 Diseases that appear on the skin

  According to Noor Health Life, the disease usually appears in the form of small scars or white spots.

  As many as 70 million people worldwide have contracted the disease, also known as autoimmune disease, because when it is exposed, the body’s immune system attacks the cells that work to restore color quickly.

  If it is caught in the beginning, that is, when the spots do not appear on the skin, but the color is light, then the skin is more likely to be restored to its original shape.

  Use of AC causes of skin diseases: research

  By the way, in the treatment of this disease, the aim that the experts have in front of them is to restore the color quickly and maintain its effect.

  For this purpose certain steroid creams are used to control the inflammation while Oion Mint can also be beneficial.

  In some cases the therapy lightens the color of the unaffected skin to make the white spots more noticeable.

  Also light therapy and surgery are options.  For more questions and answers you can get Noor Health Life by email and contact us on WhatsApp.  noormedlife@gmail.com

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