Causes and symptoms of meningitis.

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    World Meningitis Day is celebrated around the world on April 24.  On this day various seminars and conferences are organized for the awareness of this fever so that people can be made aware of the symptoms, causes, treatment and prevention of this fever.  It is estimated that the fever affects more than one million people worldwide each year.  Meningitis can affect people of all ages, whether they are young or old.  Timely treatment is very important. If the fever reaches a dangerous level, it can kill the infected patient, so caution is necessary.

    Causes of Meningitis

    Nature has made the best arrangements for the human brain and the cerebellum and has stored them in three membranes which makes it safe from various dangers and diseases. Even a small infection in these membranes causes many diseases.  These membranes can be affected by head injuries, germs entering the bloodstream, infections of the nose and ears, and meningitis.  Is.

    Symptoms of meningitis

    1. In meningitis, the patient first develops a high fever.
    2. If the child has this fever, he cries constantly.
    3. Nothing makes you want to eat or drink.
    4. As the fever intensifies, the affected patient begins to have convulsions.
    5. Red spots appear on the body.
    6. The eyes lose their luster. The eyelids move very slowly.
    7. One of the most important symptoms is not turning the neck. The neck does not heal properly and the patient cannot lift the neck. How dangerous can meningitis be in the future?

    Geneva: A report released by the World Health Organization (WHO) has revealed that one in five people will suffer from hearing problems in the coming years due to meningitis and other causes.

    According to international media reports, a report released by the World Health Organization has revealed that many people in the world are currently facing hearing problems.

    Report released by the World Health Organization

    According to him, the increase in meningitis and lack of awareness about it can be very serious because meningitis is directly related to hearing.

    According to medical experts, meningitis severely affects the brain and hearing cells, which causes the message to reach the brain to be cut off.

    WHO experts say that this serious situation can only be addressed by reducing noise in public places and providing timely medical assistance.

    The first global hearing report released by the WHO states that “over the next three decades, the number of deaf people will increase by more than 1.5%, meaning that one in five people will have hearing problems.”  ۔

    The report states that “the expected increase in hearing problems is also due to the increase in demographics, noise pollution and population trends.”

    The World Health Organization (WHO) report also cites the causes of hearing loss as a result of a lack of access to health care and a lack of medical professionals in low-income countries.

    The report states that “80% of people in such countries have hearing problems, most of whom are not receiving medical care, while rich countries do not have access to health care due to population growth.”  Please  You can email Noor Health Life with more questions and answers.

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