Nail symptoms that indicate the risk of various diseases.

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    Did you know that fingernails can tell you a lot about your health?

    Yes, it can be hard to believe but doctors can tell you a lot about your health by looking at your nails.

    By the way, nails often change with age, but if they are sudden and very noticeable, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

    Why are there white marks on fingernails?

    The following are some of the symptoms that appear in the nails, it is necessary to seek medical advice.

    Yellowing of nails

    Excessive use of nail polish in women often causes discoloration of the nails. However, men do not use this make-up product and if the color of the nails suddenly turns yellow or yellow, it may be a sign of lung or lymphatic tissue problems.

    To turn white

    If the upper part of the nails turns white then it is usually a sign of aging. However, if you are suffering from any other disease or medical problem then you must consult a doctor as these white nails may be a sign of kidney, liver or heart disease.  Are

    Why do people chew their nails?

    Brown or black line

    The appearance of dark brown or black stripes on the surface of the nails can be the result of various skin problems including skin cancer, so in such a case consult a doctor so that he can make an accurate diagnosis in this regard.

    Nail polish

    If the nails start to peel off the skin, it is due to Thai Ryde’s disease, glandular disease or other autoimmune diseases.

    Spoon-shaped nails

    If the nails bend upwards like a spoon, it could be due to lack of iron in the body. What do nails say about your health?

    Nail health says a lot about human overall health which is ignored or ignored due to lack of information, if the following 5 symptoms are appearing in your nails then you need to be concerned.  Is .

    According to medical experts, it is not uncommon for nails to break easily and thin, but it is an important sign of your overall health.

    Here are 5 signs that your nails are trying to tell you about your overall health.

    Poor thyroid gland function.

    If your nails are easily broken or thin, it is an indication that the thyroid gland in a person is not working properly.  The required amount is not being released on time.

    If the nails are thick but easily brittle or rough, it means that the body is releasing more than the required amount of hormones or is deficient in vitamins A, C and biotin.

    Impaired lung function.

    The protrusion of the nails towards the top and forming a round surface is called ‘clubbing’, clubbing is a sign of poor lung function, it means that your lungs are not getting the required amount of oxygen and your blood is not getting enough.  I am running out of oxygen.

    You may have psoriasis.

    Psoriasis is a skin disease in which the growth of human cells increases 10 times. This disease can also occur in the nails. This is due to weakening of the immune system. In this case, the nails become thick, rough and white.  There is also pain in this symptom.

    Impaired liver function.

    Alcohol users are more likely to develop liver disease, which first involves an increase in the size of their liver to an improper size.  Point out.

    According to a health report, 68% of people in the world have liver disease. If you do not use alcohol and still have these symptoms, consult your doctor immediately.

    Having diabetes.

    Symptoms of diabetes can be seen on the nails, you can diagnose it with your nails before getting a medical test, if your nails have turned yellow, it is a sign of blood sugar while the skin near the nails  If it is red, it is a sign of the onset of diabetes. Symptoms of a fungal infection on the nails Treatment and precautions.

   The disease, also known as onchocerciasis, mainly affects the elderly.  There are several types of mildew that can affect nails, such as yeasts, molds, etc., but the most common mildew is dermatophyte, which is the most common cause of infection.  These nail infections appear in the form of white and yellow spots under the nails and if left untreated, they can grip the entire nail and cause the nails to harden and fall out.

   Symptoms include bad breath, hard and brittle nails, and yellowing or browning of the nails.  Anxiety factors include lack of immunity, advancing age, excessive sweating, nail infections and walking barefoot in a dirty place.  In addition, poor blood flow to the legs in diabetics is a major cause of the disease in these individuals.  Treatment has all the options, from readily available medicines to prescription drugs.


   .  Regular cleaning of your hands and feet

   .  Nails should be trimmed well and crooked corners should be avoided

   ۔  Nail polish should be thoroughly cleaned

   .  Socks must be worn while wearing closed shoes

   .  If nails are treated at a salon or parlor, make sure all tools are clean. Email Noor Health Life to get more questions and answers.

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