The rash on different parts of the body indicates different diseases.

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                                                              The process of getting pimples on our body is natural but if they start getting more on a specific part then they indicate a disease.


     If rashes appear on this part, it is a sign of damage to the adrenal glands.


     Excessive work pressure and stress can also cause rashes on this part of the body. It is also a sign of a weakened immune system so don’t worry and keep calm.

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     If the rash appears on the chest, it means that your digestive system is not working properly and you will have to change your diet.


     The cause of the rash is a lack of vitamins. This does not mean that you should start taking vitamin supplements but make up for the deficiency through diet.


     The reason for this is the increase in the level of sugar in the body. Therefore, do not use too much sugar and bread, but be content with vegetables and fruits.

     Above the legs and below the torso

     If you are using a soap that does not suit your skin, then rashes appear on this area, so check your soap. Another reason for this may be skin infection.

     The upper and middle part of the waist

     If you are not getting enough sleep then pimples appear in this place, similarly you are consuming foods rich in calories.


     The cause of the rash is also a digestive problem. It also indicates that you are not eating a good diet.  Causes and treatment of pimples.

    Often we do not know why we get pimples on our face. There is no specific reason for teeth to form but there can be many reasons for this. Some of the causes and their treatment are as follows. Let’s talk about them.  Tell you in some detail.

    Lack of a balanced diet and high intake of pure carbohydrates can cause acne at any age.  A balanced diet and a diet with a low glycemic index are essential. Researchers say that high levels of insulin in the blood can lead to the production of excess oil and inflammatory follicles.  You too can make your diet healthy and balanced.

    A modern technology called blue light therapy is being used today to remove pimples from the face. These powerful blue rays penetrate the skin through the follicles and kill the bacteria.  Headaches can occur on the skin but it is temporary, so if your budget allows, this therapy is best for getting rid of acne and getting clear skin.

    A very popular and mild tea tree oil compared to benzoyl peroxide is useful for treating all types of acne at all ages. Tea tree oil has natural antiseptic properties that cleanse closed pores and skin.  It also prevents the release of excess oil on the surface, and naturally reduces skin inflammation. This oil is also used in many lotions, face washes and soaps.

    According to dermatologists and health experts, reduce the amount of salt in your diet. Noor Health Life says that one of the major causes of acne is high sodium intake.  Take special care when eating out. It would be better for you to consume less than 1500 mg of sodium daily.

    Stress has a negative effect on the performance of hormones. Stress has no direct effect on the skin, but whenever you are anxious, pimples appear on your skin.  Increase which also affects the glands that secrete oil in the body. Meditation, exercise or any other method can be used to reduce the stress which can calm your mental state.

    For best results, it is important to consult a good dermatologist with appropriate changes in your diet and lifestyle. Diseases that appear on the skin.

    The first signs of some diseases appear on the skin.

    The skin is the largest organ of the human body but did you know that it also predicts diseases?

    Yes, the first signs of some diseases appear on the skin.

    But are you aware of the symptoms that the skin shows for various diseases?


    It is commonly believed that bursitis is a reaction to drinking milk after eating fish, but medical science denies this. In fact, it occurs when the skin is exposed to its natural  The pigment cells stop producing specific pigmented substances. The appearance of visible white spots on the skin is actually an attack on the skin cells by the body’s immune system, which is on the skin pigment melanin.  It can also be a sign of autoimmune diseases such as thyroid disease.

    Inflammation of the skin

    Dry, itchy, and red spots on the skin usually appear near the neck or elbows. It is a very common skin disease that can affect both children and adults, but it can also be a sign of mental health problems.  According to a US study, people with depression or stress are more likely to develop the disease early, but treating dermatitis can also improve mental health.

    Open wounds

    Prolonged high blood sugar can affect blood circulation and damage nerves, affecting the body’s ability to heal wounds, especially in the legs, which can lead to diabetes.  Also called fistula.


    In this skin disease, peels appear on the skin while itching and itching are also present, but they are also pointing to some serious medical problems.  According to medical experts, people with this condition have a 58% higher risk of heart disease and a 43% higher risk of stroke.  Experts say that psoriasis and blood clots in the arteries are caused by inflammation and this thing connects the two.

    Pink grain or uniform

    The disease causes the skin to turn red and pink rashes appear, most people do not treat it because they do not consider it harmful, but according to a new study this condition increased the risk of dementia in women by 28%.  Gives, especially if the age is over 50 or 60 years.

    Legs with dry and cracked skin

    This can be a sign of problems with the thyroid gland (especially the glands near the windpipe), especially when it is useless to take care of the moisture in the feet.  When there is a problem in the thyroid gland, it is unable to produce thyroid hormones which work for metabolic rate, blood pressure, muscle development and nervous system.  According to a medical study, as a result of Thai Ride problems, the skin becomes extremely dry, especially the skin of the feet begins to crack and it is only beneficial to see a doctor if the condition does not improve.

    Sweat in hands

    Excessive sweating on the hands can lead to thyroid disease as well as excessive sweating, in which the sweat glands become more active.  Most people experience this problem in one or two parts of the body such as the armpits, palms or feet.  Doctors can examine it and prescribe treatment.

    Black lumps or moles

    Very common black moles or bumps can be a sign of skin cancer, but they also increase the risk of breast cancer, bladder and kidney cancer.  According to experts, walking less in the sun, staying active, healthy diet and staying away from alcohol are essential to avoid such deadly cancers. For more questions and answers, contact Noor Health Life by email and at  can.

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